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  • High-quality Matcha Tea

    Products from the world's top producers such as Marukyu Koyamaen (Uji, Japan)

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  • Have you already tasted Pu'er tea?

    "Genuine black tea" surprises with its rich aroma but soft taste

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  • Chadō - Japanese Tea

    Tea Shop Veiström is specialized in Japanese "tea ceremony" utensils (dōgu)

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  • How about a cup of black tea flavoured with organic Italian orange?

    Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind

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  • A perfect combination with organic Spanish lemons and genuine licorice

    Available as green, black and white tea as well as rooibos infusion

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  • Tea from the Azores now also available!

    Taste one of Europe's most beloved teas of all time

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