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  • High-quality Matcha Tea

    Products from the world's top producers such as Marukyu Koyamaen (Uji, Japan)

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  • Have you already tasted Pu'er tea?

    "Genuine black tea" surprises with its rich aroma but soft taste

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  • Chadō - Japanese Tea

    Tea Shop Veiström is specialized in Japanese "tea ceremony" utensils (dōgu)

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  • How about a cup of black tea flavoured with organic Italian orange?

    Tasty Tea - Pleased Mind

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  • A perfect combination with organic Spanish lemons and genuine licorice

    Available as green, black and white tea as well as rooibos infusion

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  • Tea from the Azores now also available!

    Taste one of Europe's most beloved teas of all time

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Version 08.11.2018

Tea Shop Veiström
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Contact person for matters relating to the Register
Mr. Ilkka Veiström

Registry name
Electronic contacts database and order register

Purpose of processing personal data
The purpose of processing personal data is to receive and, if necessary, store electronic contacts from the web service for later use. The basic uses of personal data processing include the processing and archiving of e-commerce orders and other personal data processing related to customer communications.

Content of the register
Register contains personal information given upon ordering, in the search and contact forms or in the submitted attachments. We do not keep unnecessary data in the registry.

Regular sources of data
Registered data is based on the information provided when placing an order, searching for information and using contact forms or in the submitted attachments. The registry information is not updated from other sources of information.

regular disclosure of information
We will not disclose any personal information to third parties. Personal information is only processed by GrowHow-KnowNow Partners customer service and sales, production and administration.

Principles of register security
The register is only kept electronically. All material in the registry is protected by the usual password protection and restricted access to the business premises.

Right to inspection
A person registered in the register has the right, in accordance with Section 26 of the Personal Data Act, to check what information about him is kept in the personal register. The person making the request has to be reliably identified and the request for the information has to be sent in writing or electronically.

Other rights related to the processing of personal data
A person registered to the register has the right to deny direct mail and marketing to him. The person making the denial notice has to be reliably identified and the request has to be sent in writing or electronically.